Blender Workshop 2020

Date: 7 March 2020

Venue: CIT Lab, IISU
No. of Participants: 26
Objective of the workshop/seminar/activity: to give handson working experience of open source 3D animation software: Blender


The Department of Computer Science and IT of IIS (deemed to be University) organized a one-day workshop on Blender led by Dr. Sameer S Sahasrabudhe Senior Project Research Scientist, at the Department of Computer Science, IIT Bombay on 7 March 2020 from 9:00 am to 1:30 p.m. Dr Sahasrabudhe is specialized in advertising, animation film production and open source 3D animation software: Blender. He focused on the concept of designing and provided various activities to make it clear.

In this workshop, students were given a brief description on using Blender for 3D modeling and creating animation videos. The students were informed about the 3D objects and their different views. And the basic features of Blender i.e. moving, rotating and scaling the object. At the end, students were able to animate the objects by learning the concept of key frames. Students performed modelling via blender. Around 30 students participated in this workshop.

At the end of the workshop the query round was held in which students got an opportunity to put forward questions to satisfy their curiosity. The overall session was informative and students enjoyed it. The workshop ended with a thank you note by expressing gratitude to Dr. Sahasrabudhe for taking out time from his busy schedule and making the students aware of the basic concepts of blender.

Outcome of the activity/event/seminar/workshop: students were able to animate the objects by learning the concept of key frames.