Infrastructure Details

The CS & IT Department has well equipped, fully furnished state-of-the-art labs, with more than 400 computers connected on Intranet, protected by Firewall Security and round-the-clock Anti-Virus updates. It also has nearly 25 laptops to cater the needs of various departments in the University.
The university campus is Wifi connected. The computers in the labs are of latest configurations, loaded with most modern software and connected to central servers. A high-speed NKN 150 Mbps Internet Connectivity is available in the labs round the clock through National Knowledge Network. The purpose of such a knowledge network goes to the very core of the country's quest for building quality institutions with requisite research facilities and creating a pool of highly trained professionals. The university’s computing infrastructure offers a wide range of hardware and software platforms for the students to gain wide-ranging experience. The department has all the licensed software of Microsoft.
The entire network has access to Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Linux, Oracle 9i and MS Exchange E-mail Server, Mac & I-Mac servers, SPSS server. A cyber futuristic server hosts the University Home Page and is also the Web server. A high end Compaq, Proliant serverpowers the MIS applications. Access to high speed, high quality laser printing, including color printing, several inkjet printers, OMR scanners are other strengths of the computer labs.
70 LCD projectors are mounted in labs and class rooms as a visual teaching aid for giving on-line demos to the students. The labs are also equipped with interactive boards as a teaching aid. The labs are also connected to 24 hours online UPS.
The university keeps updating itself with the latest technological advancements. The institution can proudly state that it has its own web site and each faculty member has a personal e-mail id. The university also has Biometric Attendance System for staff as well as students.
The department conducts online exams in different streams for which it has a dedicated server. The department also has a library of its own, having wide collection of books, for aiding the students and the faculty for references, time and then.