Infrastructure Details

The department of CS & IT has well-equipped, fully furnished, state-of-the-art labs. The labs are under CCT surveillance and have updated firewall security and anti-virus protection. The computers are i7/i5 machines with updated and licensed software and connection to central servers. The department also has laptops to cater the needs of various departments in the University. A high-speed NKN 155 Mbps Internet Connectivity, Tata Telecom 155 Mbps Optical Fiber Connectivity and 50 Mbps RF (Radiofrequency) Connectivity is available round the clock. All labs have licensed as well as open source software. High speed, high quality laser printing is also available in the labs. All classrooms and labs have ICT resources as a visual teaching aid for giving on-line demos to the students. The labs are connected to 24 hours online UPS. The department also has a library of its own, having collection of books, for aiding the students and the faculty for references, time and again. The university keeps updating itself with the latest technological advancements. The university has its own web site and all faculty members as well as students have an official e-mail id. The university also has Biometric Attendance System for staff as well as students.