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Multimedia Tools And Its Usage


Mr. Pushpinder Khandelwal,

Deputy General Manager of TruWorth, Jaipur

He addressed the subject of “Web Identity Management and Careers in Multimedia” and helped break many myths about the IT Sector.


Emerging Trends In Computer Science & IT


Dr. Ashok Nagawat

Director, Infonet, UOR, Jaipur

The speaker talked about various upcoming trends in the field of CS and IT, which turned up to be very informative for students of BCA and M.Sc.


Workshop On Linux


Mr. Deepak Rajoria

System administrator,

ISIM, Jaipur

The faculty and students of M.Sc- IT were given hands-on practical exposure on installation of Linux & its system administration. The participants were also taught about setting up of different servers.


Project Development: Tools & Techniques


Mr. Manish Sharma

Project Development Manager,

Metacube Software Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur

He emphasized the role of Software Engineering in project development cycle. The students were acquainted with the steps involved in creating software projects along with overview of the latest tools being used.


Introduction And Applications Of RFID


Mr. Pramod Agrawal

Joint Director (I.T.)
Dept. of Information Technology & Communication
Government of Rajasthan.

The lecture enlightened the students with the concept of Radio Frequency Identification as a wireless non-contact system to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking of livestock, clothing, inventory, etc.


Information Architecture : An Overview

10 /04/2010

Dr. A.K.Ramani

Director, School of CS & IT

DAV, Indore

The guest gave an introduction to information architecture, discussed the evolution of the discipline and provided a 9-step guide for how to create effective information architecture. He also discussed the relationship between information architecture and usability, in the context of real-world projects.


Workshop On PHP & DRUPAL

5/10/ 2010

Mr. Sumit

Faculty, Ducat, Jaipur

Experts from DUCAT delivered live demos on PHP which is a popular scripting language on the web & is used to enhance web pages. They also discussed about DRUPAL which is another most modular open source web content management framework.


Linux Workshop

5-6/03/ 2010

Linux World, Jaipur

The workshop was focused to prove Linux as a viable alternative desktop OS. The Linux experts were able to move the other side past the rhetoric and myths that seem to surround Linux and widened the knowledge of the same among all the students.


Introduction To Cloud Computing


Dr. OP Rishi

Assoc. Prof,

BIT, Jaipur

As cloud computing is achieving increased popularity, the aim of this lecture was to brief up the students by giving an idea about the underlying concept of cloud computing, its characteristics, applications, recent advancements, and comparisons with other technologies.


Nanotechnology: An Emerging Trend


Dr. Ashok Nagawat

Director, Infonet, UOR, Jaipur

The lecture was aimed to talk about the universality of nanotechnology and its application in the field of CS & IT. He also threw light on nano science as the technology of future.


Cracking Logics In Programming Languages


Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal

Asst. Prof, MNIT, Jaipur

The lecture brushed up the concepts of data structures with the help of many examples which find application in the real world. The topic was of interest to one and all.


Automation Testing & Its Importance


Mr.Pawan Sharma

Principal-QA Manager, Metacubes Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur

The lecture put a light on need & role of Automation in System Testing. The speaker also gave a demo on use of Selenium as a tool for automating the test cases.




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PowerPoint Competition

for BCA IV Sem


The students of BCA actively participated in the competition which Covered recent trends in CS & IT like e-banking, Nanotechnology, WiFi, etc.


Hardware Assembly & Networking Workshop & Exhibition


Under the guidance of the CS & IT faculty the students organized this 2-day workshop. Many people from non- computer background gained a practical know-how about basic internal components of hardware, their organization and assembly.

The students of IIS also attended the workshop. Explanation of the H/W components, brainstorming quiz session followed by exhibition and demonstration of assembling of hardware components were events to name a few.


Presentations on Software Engineering-MSc(IT) III Sem


These presentations were an inter-class activity, where these presentations were conducted by PG students and presented to UG students, with an aim to inculcate and enhance oratory and communication skills and add to their confidence. This activity helped them to reduce their stage fear, which would further help them in facing interviews in the future.


Calendar Exhibition


There is great power in ‘knowing and applying’ Photoshop. It can
really open doors for you. These statements proved true when the students of the university exhibited their calendars, beautifully designed by themselves. The students made optimum utilization of Photoshop and effectively expressed their creativity. They designed calendars on various themes like college life, women related issues, social causes.