Workshop on Project Development Through ASP.Net

Date: 4-5 April 2015


Venue: CIT Lab

No. of Participants: 70

Objective of the workshop/seminar/activity: to acquaint the students with which the most sought after technology for project development.


A two-day workshop on was organized in the CS & IT department from April 4th 2014 to April 5th 2014. Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Sr. Software Developer, National Information Centre(NIC), Jaipur was the speaker on both the days. BCA students of the department develop software as major projects in the VI semester and the most commonly chosen platform for this is Thus this workshop was attended by much enthusiasm and fervor by the students. The speaker started with basic concepts by giving a live demo of all the concepts. The last session was a query resolving session where he answered the questions of all students with patience. As this platform has a major practical implementation, the students benefited much by attending this workshop.

Outcome of the activity/event/seminar/workshop: the students learned about the importance and working of for project development.